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Nafta Exporter: Mexico


To draw attention to a vast export promotions arsenal available to

individuals and businesses seeking to export to Mexico, a program called

EXPORT MEXICO was developed through a partnership between business and


Mexico is our fastest-growing export market. With the implementation of

the North America Free Trade Agreement, this market is expected to provide

even greater opportunities.

Why Mexico? When your fastest growing export market is right next door,

you've got to harness it and seize the opportunity.

Exports to Mexico have Increased from $12,.4 billion in 1986 to $40.6 billion

in 1992. Mexico's 86 million consumers prefer U.S. goods. 70% of every

dollar Mexico spends on foreighn products are spent on U.S. goods. Rising

levels of disposable income among Mexican consumers helped increase our

exports by 50% since 1991.

THE NAFTA FACTOR In the last decade, the Mexican market has become more

open, instituting unilateral, market-opening reforms. The North America Free

Trade Agreement will help further accelerate the growth of U.S. exports to

Mexico, opening new doors to U.S. companies.

NAFTA will create the biggest market in the world right at our doorsteps,

over $6 Trillion with 370 million people.

NAFTA will make nearly half of all U.S. exports qualify for ZERO tariffs.

NAFTA will open Mexico to U.S. service exports, including such industries as

insurance, banking, accounting, advertising and more.




If you're seeking to export to Mexico, you can call Flash Facts facsimile

service and order Mexico market information sent to you via fax, free of

charge. The number to call is (202) 482-4464. The system includes among

its many documents NAFTA updates and upcoming trade events. You can also

call (202) 482-0300to consult trained desk officers from the Department of

Commerce's Office of Mexico regarding the most cost-effective ways you can

enter the Mexican market.

The Commerce Department's Office of Mexico publishes a comprehensive manual

called "A Guide To Financing Exports To Mexico", which you can obtain free

of charge by calling the Flash Facts line and requesting document number 0420.