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It is important to select the right bank. Do NOT choose any bank-be fussy!

There are two main objectives to seek when searching for a new bank. 1.)

Find a bank that is agressively seeking new business. 2.) Choose one with

which you can develop a personal relationship.

To select a bank that is agressive, simply watch for extended ad-vertising

campaigns. They are very costly, and must bring in new business in order

to be continued.

Look also for smaller banks, ones with just a few offices. They tend to be

more agressive, more lenient on qualifications, much friendlier and more

personalized in the service they offer. They are forced by nature of their

competition to be more flexible.

With the small, independent bank, you will get friendly service, and often

will be called by name. The tellers remember you and do not need to request

your identification every time you want to cash a check. Small banks do not

have a large loan committee that spends lots of time shuffling papers.

They may however, stall your loan ap-plication for a day or so in order not

to appear too anxious! Its a minor issue...and not one to be overly

concerned about.

Big banks seem to have forgotten that the customer is number one. You will

be far more pleased with your small bank and your personalized service when

it comes to getting loans and other services for your own business.