EasyK.com Free Reports



These sources provide you with a free mailing list. Usually in list form, so that you have to re-type each names on your mailing piece. They obtain these names in many different ways. They are usually opportunity seekers, buyers, or people who have paid to be listed. Each source requires a self-addressed envelope, and two first-class postage stamps. Each list usually contains about 200 or more names:

Willards Salles Co.,

PO Box 1036,

Palm Springs, CA 92262;

Lew Card,

Box 392

Brea, CA 92621;

Cavazos Advertising,

1952 S. King Road,

San Jose, CA 95122;


Box 509,

McCaysville, GA 30555


805 NW Avenue "J",

Seminole, TX 79360;

C. Walker,

6250 Babcock Ave.,

N. Hollywood, CA 91606;

French Express,

8403 Anthony Wayne Ave.

Cincinnati, OH 45216

Northside Studios

Box 320,

Silver Springs, MD 20907

Jackson Publications

Box 419-FML,

West Haven, CT 06516


Box 571,

Chase City, VA 23924

Heath Books

33 Irving Ave.

Providence, RI 02906;

Erma Majors Co.,

3134 N. Achilles,

Milwaukee, WI 53212;

Square Deal Co.,

Box 272,

Gordonsville, VA 22942;

TJ Enterprises,

Box 4960,

Washington, DC 20008;

Jay David Co.,

Box 5,

McFarlon, NC 28102.