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There are many fine trade magazines and ad sheets that you may co-publish in the mail order business. Some of the better ones are Mail Sale Advertiser, Mail Order Bulletin, Popular Advertiser, The Enterpriser, and Easy Chair Shopper. These trade publications are "in print" quickly - no long waiting for your ad to appear. They reach an amazing number of small homeworkers and opportunity seekers. If your product or service appeals to these readers - the rates are right.

The prime reasons for using these magazines are:

1) We get a 50% discount on our advertising after the first time in exchange for mailing a few copies;

2) We earn a 50% commission on all new co-publishers and advertisers that we get for the publisher.

Of course we hope to do some business from our own advertising also. How does the system work? After you place your advertising at the first time rate, you will receive a discount on all future advertising as long as you continue to co-publish that magazine. That discount on your ads and a commission on the others is usually 50%. In return for the discount, you are expected to mail a few copies - honestly. Include the copies in orders that you fill, big mails, or advertise them free for the postage.

Using these methods your postage cost to mail your copies is zero. Another reason for co-publishing various magazines is that many of them do not require camera ready copy. Some do an excellent job of typesetting and it's free. Items selling in these publications usually sell for $3 or less - with $1 being a heavy seller. Remember, it doesn't COST you to advertise, it PAYS.