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Yes, there is a way to get your circulars mailed free. As soon as you can afford it, become a supplier of commission circulars. The easiest way to do this is to take "All-Profit" offers and have circulars printed on two sides. On one side have your own name and address printed. On the other side leave space for a rubber stamp imprint. Offer these circulars to circular mailers on a commission basis. They keep a commission - 50% - 100% on the one side, and you make your profit on the other. Use this same method for any offers that you develop for yourself.

You can reach these mailers by advertising in, or subscribing in several mail order trade magazines and ad sheets. Another way to locate mailers for your literature is to notice the ads by mailers, usually at the bottom of their ad they state, "COMMISSION CIRCULARS MAILED FREE" which means that they get one side - and you get the other, as above. If you really want to get rolling using this method, take two "All Profit" offers and give the mailer 100% on one side. You still make yours on the other offer. Also, if you are interested in obtaining additional commission circulars for yourself, include the above statement as part of your own ad.

Still another way to get your literature mailed free is to include this little note in all of your advertising - at the end of the copy: "STAMP APPRECIATED." It only costs you two words, but it could save you bunches of bucks in postage. If you are advertising in trade publications or ad sheets, use "SASE" which means self-addressed, stamped envelope. This savings for envelopes, addressing labor, and postage can amount to lots of money. Many small dealers use this method exclusively - even in the large circulation magazines. They've been using it for years so it must work!