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A good income can be a reality for anyone owning a rubber stamp. The only additional items needed are envelopes, postage stamps, and a few commission circulars. The rubber stamp is the only one of the above items you need to pay for. The envelopes, postage stamps and circulars can be obtained FREE.

Many small operators are earning a comfortable living as commission mailers. The "tricks of the trade" are rather involved, but I'll give you all the basic information you'll need to start a profitable business. Hundreds of supply houses are constantly looking for people to mail their circulars for them. In most cases, these people will send you all the circulars you need - for FREE. However, they need to know that you are in business or they cannot send circulars to you.

Start your commission mailing business by running this short, classified ad in as many adsheets and magazines as your investment will allow: "Commission circulars mailed free. Must pay me 50% or more. Send postage paid: (Your name and address)." The above ad will bring plenty of free imprint circulars to you. As they come in, insert one of the circulars from each batch into a notebook and list the source of the item and the address - to avoid confusion when filling future orders.

While you are waiting for your first package of circulars to arrive, place the following small ad in as many adsheets as you can afford, offering a big mail for free: "Free Big Mail! Return this ad with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. (Your name and address)." The above ad will bring free stamps and envelopes to you. The people who answer this type of ad are interested in seeing what you have to offer and are usually excellent prospects. In the beginning you will probably mail no more than 100 envelopes per month. As your income grows, you can expand your monthly mailings. Some commission mailers mail thousands of pieces per month.