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This method of getting free printing is currently being used by several different mail dealers. It works! Here's the plan: Run an ad similar to this in any mail order magazine: ATTENTION PRINTERS! WE WILL MAIL OUT FOR YOU - ABSOLUTELY FREE - ALL THE CIRCULARS YOU PRINT FOR US THAT HAVE OUR ADS ON THE BACK. WE HAVE LINED UP OVER 200 MAILERS WHO ARE CAPABLE OF MAILING UP TO +100,000 PIECES PER MONTH. (YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS).

You might also mention in the ad that you will pay all shipping charges. Only a few printers will respond, but one good printer is all you need. After you secure a printer, your next step is to compose a commission circular to be printed on the back. This commission circular should pay whoever mails it 50%, which leaves 50% for you. You might even SELL the commission circulars, say for $12/M and make money both ways "coming and going".