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Keep advertising. Place at least one ad a day until you are receiving an average of 34 a day or 1000 a month. If you use the following ad, this plan will not be hard to implement as it will bring in lots of orders: HOW TO MAIL OUT 1000 BIG MAILS FREE! COMPLETE PLAN $1.00 (YOUR NAME & ADDRESS).

The $1.00 plans weigh only 1/10 of an ounce or less and will go 3rd class for the minimum postage. You can fill the envelopes with another 1 & 9/10 oz. (9 1/2 oz. sheets (size 8.5 x 11 or almost 70 - 3 x 6's) for a free ride without paying postage. In other words you make up a big mail weighing 1 & 9/10 oz. or less and you can mail it out free with the plans you advertise.

This "BIG MAIL" can include imprints that pay you a commission, or you can charge others for mailing their circulars and include them. The main point is that ads selling the $1.00 plans will pull many more orders than just "BIG MAILS $1.00". A good dealer will take in $300-$500 a month with ads like these.