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Everyday more and more people are jumping on the "mail order" bandwagon - starting their own, or getting involved in some kind of mail order selling endeavor - and hoping to get rich. At the same time, there are just as many people "giving up and throwing in the towel" because they can't even make expenses in mail order.

The bottom line is simply this: If you don't have the "right" product, and know how to promote it properly, you're doomed to failure before you begin!

People are stimulated to become involved in mail order selling by advertising. These people are for the most part, looking for a vehicle that will enable them to supplement their present incomes, and or an angle that will enable them to get rich quick. In times of economic hardship, the people promoting and selling these plans and/or schemes become unbelievably rich.

Selling ideas or plans on how a person can make extra income - without really working - or become rich almost overnight, is a billion dollar a year business! Most of the buyers of these plans as disappointed, but their ambitions and desires for more money are not thwarted. They continue to look for new plans, ideas and help that will fulfill their dreams.

If you fully understand what I've told you thus far, then you now know "the secret mail order product that can make you rich!" What I'm talking about is the follow-up information and how-to reports that explain in precise detail all that's involved, and how to make one of these "plans for ideas" work profitably.

In other words, books and articles that tell how other people make their fortunes are almost worthless because they really explain the point-by-point details involved in starting, operating and keeping a business profitable. Someone buys a book, How To Get Rich In Mail Order, and it tells how the author made a fortune, but it doesn't tell the reader explicitly how - without a lot of money to begin with - can build a mail order empire.

The very first thing to know, and never to forget, is the fact it takes money and time to build a successful business. Besides money and time, it also takes business acumen or know-how. This is where most people fall down. They just don't have the proper know-how to start and run a successful business. And this is "the secret mail order product" that you can sell and become rich from selling. Everybody want to become rich - most people have some sort of vehicle - but they're lacking the "inside secrets" to make these plans work profitably, and as a result, they will stand in line to buy this information from you.

My suggestion is that youtart by selling business success reports. These reports have always been the staple of the direct mail business, and appeal to a large audience of eager buyers.

Say you run a small classified ad and a hundred people buy just one of these reports from you for $30 each - with that, you've just made a cool $3000 (less the cost of the reports).

The thing to do from there is to take this money to place more classified ads in more publications. Remember, the more people who see your ads for your reports, the more people you'll have "standing in line" to buy them from you.

If you were to sell just 1,000 copies of one of these reports each year - that would give you an annual income of $30,000 and that ain't chickenfeed...

Don't worry about competition in selling these reports. Unless you've got enough money to reach the 60 million opportunity seekers in this country all at once, there will always be people wanting to buy the inside secrets you have to sell.