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To be rich - to have an endless supply of money for anything and everything - is the goal of almost every man, woman, and child in the world. More specifically, the people who don't have, but would like to have, money enough for everything they have always wanted, are continually searching form some "secret combination" that will open the doors to unlimited wealth for them.

Sooner or later, these people all turn to mail order selling and, one way or another, give it a try as a pathway to the fulfillment of all their dreams. And, why not?

They are constantly bombarded with "fabulous get rich quick" opportunity offers in their mail boxes. In just about every magazine they look at, full page advertisements promising UTOPIA, just for clipping and sending in the attached coupon, jump out at


Each and every one of these opportunity offers seems to promise complete fulfillment of the readers "needs, wants, and desires." They all make it sound as if all one has to do is sign up - send in the small fee - get the details - an explanation of the plan - and almost immediately, their mail boxes will begin to overflow with letters containing cash, checks and money orders. No big investment - no business knowledge - and no work required.

My friend, all of this is "advertising hype," designed to "lead the reader into seeing and tasting" the fulfillment of all his dreams. He's so overwhelmed by "the solution to his wants" offered by the advertisement, that he reads "only what he wants to read" in these opportunity offers. That's "Top-of-the-line" copywriting, and worth its weight in gold!

Disregarding the obvious "chain letter and envelope stuffing schemes," these opportunity offers for "riches beyond your wildest dreams," give you one of two money-making plans.

The first is some sort of "book of knowledge" written by someone strong on typing ability but generally sadly lacking in the experience of "having done it himself," and/or the ambition to get away form his typewriter long enough to "make his own mint" using the plan he's advising you to follow.

These writers tell you to "knock out" a how-to report about something that you're an expert on - to run a low-cost classified ad offering it for sale in a national publication - and then to sit back and let the money roll in! The thing is, what does a shipping clerk, an engine lathe operator, or retail sales clerk know that other people will pay money to learn?

Even if one of these people were to come up with a saleable how-to report, where are they going to get the "expertise" to write a real order-pulling ad, and which national publication is the "right one" for him to advertise in. The truth of the matter is that very few, if any - shipping clerks, engine lathe operators or retail clerks - know the first thing about writing how-to reports, composing classified ads, or placing advertising in national publications.

In fact, the very idea of undertaking such necessities to successful mail order selling - at the risk of losing a lot of "hard-earned" money - is so frightening to so many people that they never get beyond this part of the instruction sheet. And most of those that do rely upon what they "think" they know about writing how-to reports, composing classified ads, and placing advertising in national publications - would be much better off,

and receive a lot more value for their money, by spending it at their neighborhood church or community center.

The other kind of money-making plan these "dream fulfillment" advertisements offers is a Super Profitable Mail Order Dealership of your own.

You buy the book that explains all the procedures for making millions via mail order. Included with your "book of knowledge," is a camera ready circular advertising this book - the same one you send for to make YOU rich - and a dealership instruction


This beautiful piece of sales copy explains how everyone in all parts of the world is just waiting for the chance to buy a copy of this book - after all - you were eager to buy it, weren't you? Thus, the instruction sheet goes on to explain, all you've got to do is either order a supply of these circulars, or the same thousand names.

We generate orders - get our names - through a number of different methods. By far, most of our names come from the advertisement below, which is run on a regular basis in a number of national publications.


All-new home-based money-making opportunity!

Send SASE to:

Of late, this small classified ad has been generating better than 4,000 names per month for us. The report we send out is a simple one-page instruction sheet explaining how anyone can make extra money by saving, and selling, his in-coming mail. Along with each of these reports we send out, we include a copy of our Money Tree circular, and our mailing list subscription service sales letters. In reply to this package, an average of 3 out of 4 people send in to get in on the Money Tree Program, and/or our mailing list subscription service. From there, we just keep right on going by setting these people up as "independent commission sales people" for our entire list of business success reports and business start-up manuals.

The most important part of a Subscription Mailing List Service is to have a good supply of names - a mailing list ready-to-use, organized and on-hand. As mentioned earlier, we feel you'll need at least a basic supply of 10,000 names as a starter-supply.

The next most important ingredient is your subscriber solicitation sales letter. A copy of our current sales letter is included at the end of this reports. It pulls very well for us, as I'm sure it will do for you - but the important point here is an example of how to write such a sales letter, and with a pattern in front of you, perhaps you can write an even better one. You must have a sales letter, and with a pattern in front of you, perhaps you can write an even better one. You must have a sales letter that appeals to the needs of your prospective buyer, and at the same time, solves an outstanding problem for him.

The next thing is to get one of your letters out to all the mail order sellers you know of, and/or can locate. Set up a business plan - you will compile a list of 1,000 mail order operators per week, form incoming mail and advertisements you run across. List these names on 3 x 5 cards, and arrange in zip code order so that you have a record of who you have sent your offer to, and when. Continue adding to this file of mail order people. Then each week, get a thousand sales letters in the mail - 100 or 200 letters per week just won't pull in the orders fast enough for you - 5,000 letters per week, and you'll soon be making $1,000 per week, over and above your printing and postage costs!

So, and as a reiteration of what has been stated earlier, the big-big money in mail order is, always has been, and always will be made by those people with the "moxie" to supply the mail order operators with the products and/or materials for them to operate a

by-mail business. After everything has been "torn apart and put back together again," the bottom-line fact remains - The easiest, and most profitable mail order business is a mailing list supply business.

Everyone doing business by mail needs a mailing list of prospects to whom he can send his money-producing offers. Every mail order operator alive, and with the slightest bit of ambition to make money, is constantly on the look-out for source s of fresh names - prospects to whom he can send his offers. So long as people continue to "sell by mail," there will be a demand for mailing lists!

Look at it mathematically: If you had 100 subscribers to your mailing list service paying you just $10 per week, you'd be grossing $1,000 per week! Just 10 subscribers will give you $100 per week - 20 subscribers, $200 per week - and from t here, you're limited only by your efforts to bring in new subscribers. When we started our service, we sent out 1,000 sales letter the first week, and from those first letters, we came up with 25 subscribers within 5 days. Needless to say, we have continued to build our subscriber list and can truthfully say that this particular division of our business is not only the easiest to operate, but very definitely the most profitable of our entire operation!

Once you've got your mailing list service established, it's only natural that you should "add to it, or have something else to go along with it that brings in additional money." Keeping the thought in mind, of supplying the needs of people hoping to become

rich via mail order selling, we think the logical addenda or extra service to a mailing list service is the furnishing of "original business success reports" than can be reprinted/reproduced and sold by your mailing list subscribers! From there, it's only

natural that you become a "business opportunity book dealer or seller."

Riches beyond your wildest dreams, via mail order, are entirely possible and waiting for you - provided you have your "finger on the pulse" of the market, and a business plan that will enable you to attain total success. Most opportunity offers cost

you money, a lot of your time, plus work that even a "work-aholic" would shy away from , and they deliver only enough income to keep you "reaching" for the brass ring, untold frustration and indebtedness.

There are secrets to success in mail order - Number One, an ability to analyze and understand the market+ Number Two, the ability to select and offer the right product at the right time - Number Three, an ability to write the right advertisement and get it in front of the majority of your potential buyers.

Wishing you the greatest of success in all your money-making efforts, the only thing left is for you to read over the instructions as presented herein, get organized with your own program, and start selling it. Everything worthwhile takes a little bit of time to organize; a little bit of money to get it started; and a little bit of work to "push it through to total success," but of all the money-making possibilities you have ever been offered, this one can definitely be the easiest and most profitable for you! Take care, and let us hear from you as you grow.