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Basic Uses Of Computer Bulletin Boards

You can use BBSes to send and receive messages from people all around the

world where there is a telephone; send and receive various files and programs

from people and companies; as well as play games, receive information, and

just have a good a good time.


What Is A Computer Bulletin Board?

Computer bulletin boards are more commonly referred to as a bulletin board

system, or "BBS" (for short). A BBS is a computer that uses a special

program whaich allows other computers to call it up by using regular phone

lines. A BBS is like a storage facility that permits people to send and

receive messages through their computers, as well as send and receive files.

General Uses of BBSes

There are many uses for BBSes. You can use them like a regular (cork)

bulletin board. You can use them to post jokes, notices, news flashes,

and so on... You can also use them much the same way that you would use a

CB. People can hold a "conversation" over the computer by sending messages

back and forth just by typing the sentences into the computer, and posting

them on a BBS. BBSes can also be used to send and receive private

messages. You can use a BBS to gather information about a certain topic,

as well as ask other people to help you with something. A lot of people

exchange files and programs, and play games with people through the computer.

You can also use BBSes to buy and sell things.

The Business Use of BBSes

Many businesses use BBSes to send electronic mail to distributors, and

distributing networks. They use them also to talk to business prospects.

Businesses use BBSes for a variety of reasons. Auto Repair Shops, Mail-

Order Companies, Government Offices, Travel Agencies, Banks, and Sales

Organizations are among the different types of businesses that frequently

use BBSes to do business.

A Short History Of BBSes

In 1978, Ward Christiansen and Randy Suess wrote the first BBS software

program. They called it CBBS (Computer Bulletin Board System). They

designed the BBS to look like a real bulletin board that you would find in

a supermarket, a school, or at the office. The idea was for people and

businesses to be able to use their computers to exchange information, post

messages and contact people over the phone.

Since then, BBSes have become mainstream, numbering close to over 40,000

public and 120,000 private BBSes. There are approximately 12 million BBS

users nationwide, and growing daily as modems become standard equipment

in every computer sold, growing at a rate of about 10,000 a day. Estimates

suggest that by the year 2000 there will be more than 25 million BBS users

nationwide. Get ready to give them information.





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