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Select your software carefully. One easy way to do that is to purchase

SHAREWARE and FREEWARE before investing the big bucks. WordPerfect software

for instance retails for around $300, but you can purchase PC Write, a

shareware word processing software for $5 from S Software (800) 243-1515.

There are some disadvantages when purchasing shareware and freeware though.

Some of them are really good while some of them are really lousy. That's why

it's important to rely on a good shareware distributor (a company that only

deals with selling shareware) that is very selective in the programs they

include in their catalog. One such company is The American Shareware Network,

250 Arlington St, Marshfield MA 02050, phone (617) 834-9208.

The American Shareware Network carefully installs and operates the software

program before it is listed in their catalog for sell. They only choose

top-of-the-line programs that are popular and worth the money. They also are

honest in making sure the diskettes they send the programs on are full. Some

rip-off shareware distributors will take a program that will fit on 1 or 2

disks and split them up into 4 or 5 different one. Then they'll charge you

99c per disk and make you think you are getting a bargain. But in actuality

you would have been better off purchasing from the shareware distributor that advertises at a price of $3.49 per disk.

Also, don't make the mistake of going crazy ordering lots of shareware.

You don't want to have 100 different software programs on your computer that

do 100 different things. This would make life too confusing and you'd have to

learn them all. You'd never know any of them well enough _ just a little bit

about each one. The whole idea here is to try out several different shareware

programs in the particular software category you need before you invest money

into the commercial software programs.

You should streamline your needs and the functions you want your computer to

perform. Most of us will be buying a computer for our home-based business.

Therefore, you need to find a good software program that will do the job you

need for your particular situation. If you're going to be a typesetter, try

out a variety of desktop publishing software until you find the one that does

everything you want it to do and more. One fantastic look-alike of the

popular PageMaker software (retails: $549) is a program called PagePlus. In

1993, the price is only $60 _ a 90% savings over its counterpart. (Purchase

from Serif, Inc, PO Box 803, Nashua NH 03061 (800) 869-8909.)

In addition, if you will be selling mailing lists, concentrate on a good

database software. If you will be writing and selling reports, concentrate

on finding a good word processing software. If you plan to draw and create

art, find a good CAD or drawing software program.

After locating the right software for your particular business, go through

the same procedure in finding a good business accounting software you feel

comfortable with so you can keep accurate records of your daily business



Do your best to narrow the different software programs on your computer down

to as few as possible. This way, you can really learn each one of them and

become an expert much quicker than trying to learn a whole bunch at once -

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thus, creating confusion rather than knowledge.






















































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