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The July 25 issue of TIME Magazine devoted its cover story to a new medium

that is currently being used by over 25 million people and is growing by

2 million new subscribers every single month.

This new medium is at the core of what are called Electronic Bulletin

Boards - a system by which people with computers can get entertainment

programs, make travel reservations, play games, get stock market reports,

watch the news, even buy & sell products - using a computer.

Anyone with a computer can access any Bulletin Board by simply plugging

an ordinary telephone line to the computer. Take note of the following:

> With a regular telephone line, people can (using a standard

telephone) send and receive spoken words and sounds.


> With a regular telephone line, people can (using a fax

machine) send and receive copies of printed images,

whether text, photos, or or designs.

> With a regular telephone line, people can (using a computer

with a Bulletin Board system) send photos, graphic designs,

moving pictures and sound - just like television.



There are bulletin boards for nearly every subject matter. There are

bulletin boards for pet owners, bulletin boards for school teachers,

for doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and many other fields of interest.

Of course, the most popular type of commercial bulletin boards are those

that accept advertising, where people from all over the country buy & sell

a variety of products and services.


In fact, one of the fastest-growing features offered by bulletin board

services today is called the Classified On-Line, a multi-category advertising

service filled with classified ads placed by individuals and businesses.



[STEP #1] You send your 100-word classified ad to an AD BUREAU that will

electronically typeset your ad and put it in a format that is the standard

used for sending electronic advertising.

[STEP #2] After typesetting your ad, the AD BUREAU sends your it to


all classified advertising nationwide. There, all the ads from different

independent Ad Bureaus across the country are compiled and reformatted

into their respective categories.


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[STEP #3] Once all the ads are compiled, they are published in a Compact

Disc (CD-ROM), copies of which are sent to over 1,000 of the largest

Bulletin Board Services in the country.

[STEP #4] Brandel Communications also places information on the Internet,

Prodigy, America-On-Line, and CompuServe as to the availability of the

Classified On-Line Listings. People who want to receive and read your ad can

do so on-line, absolutely free of charge! Or, if they do not want to get

your ads on-line (considering that a huge file like ours can take a lot

of time to down-load via the telephone), they can order a copy of the CD-ROM

for only $10 each. That way they can enjoy reading your ads at their leisure.

[STEP #5] Copies of the CD-ROM that contains your ads will also be available

to the general public for $10 each. Mail Order companies, telemarketing

companies, and retail businesses who want to use the CD as a giveaway, as a

premium, or as a value-added incentive can purchase copies of the CD in bulk

for around $3 each.


............................GET A FREE 100-WORD AD...........................

Write to Brandel Communications to receive a "Free Ad Placement Form".

We will place your 100-word ad in Classified On-Line for ONE FULL YEAR

at no cost to you. That's an $80 value - absolutely free.

We will also send you a list of authorized AD BUREAUS where you can send your

ad copy for electronic typesetting. These bureaus charge a set price of $19

for typesetting your ad and putting them in the standard ad format.

You send them your ad and pay their $19 fee.

After the Ad Bureau typesets your ad, they send us a copy, and we take care

of the rest. AT NO COST TO YOU.

Just pay for the typesetting, and you're in business.

This is definitely the most inexpensive and cost-efficient way to have

your advertising message available to over 30 million computer owners in the

USA and Canada.

















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