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Producing How-TO CD's


Minimum Start-Up: $2,500

Average Start-Up: $5,000

Revenue: $12,000

One Person Business: Yes


The CD is entitled: "This CD Can Make You Filthy Rich", and it's about

producing how-to CDs - a concept whose time has come. At $15 each, plus

$3 shipping & handling, the producer of CD will gross $18,000 selling 1,000


The production cost is quite small. The audio program was written by the

producer who brought the script to a "Narration House" where a professional

announcer does the voice recording using a professional studio.



You can order radio commercials as well as other "voice" recorded programs

to be produced by so-called "narration houses".


This business is usually run by a professional announcer who owns or has

access to a professional recording studio. Just send your script to a

narration house and have them record it for you. The amount you are

charged depends on the length of your material and the type of tape on

which you want your "master copy" recorded. A recording of 30-minute

material may cost you $450.


Another popular format for a How-To CD is what we call the "Interview"

format. This is where the author or producer of the CD is interviewed on

a subject in which he or she is an expert. Since this format is prepared

on a "question and answer" basis, it is relatively easy to structure,

allowing for a more logical presentation of the ideas the author wants to


With this format, the author can prepare 30 to 50 questions which, together

with the answers, can be edited down to a 30 to 40 minute program.

Depending on where the interview is produced, this format may cost less than

a straight presentation where the bulk of the work uses the voice of a

professional narrator.


In a "How-To" project, it is always recommended that you select your topics

based on your expertise or access to information. From a marketing

standpoint, it is equally beneficial for you to be familiar with the market

to whom you expect to market your How-To CD.

If your topic is very selective, use direct mail to market your CDs. If it

is an extremely popular topic that can be promoted on TV, use 60-second TV

spots or print ads.