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MINI-OFFICES: Home For Start-Ups

The primary reason businesses start at home, or with a meager P.O. Box is

because, renting an office can be very expensive.

On top of your basic rental, you will have to worry about buying and setting

up tables and chairs, and bother yourself with a lot of moving-in blues when

you should actually be concentrating on one thing: Making Money.

Therefore, for many start-ups, the kitchen table offers a "ready-to-go"

alternative which is also rent-free. But what if there's an office "Cube"

with a desk, a phone, access to a copy machine and a fax machine?

What if it has a common secretary receptionist who can type your letter and

charge you only based on the amount of work done? What if this office were

to rent out at $200 a month? Would you take it?


Many profitable businesses are born and raised in incubator situations. A

mini office is just that - a slightly bigger mailbox where you can physically

show up and do your work.

It's an ideal breeding ground for start-ups with limited capital, yet need

legitimate workspace that neither the kitchen or a mailbox can offer. This

is where you come in.



Picture this mini office in a middlerange commercial location. The ideal

space for you to rent would be around 1,800 square feet. You can build

wall-to-wall cubicles that are about 5 x 5 each. Including common areas

and a small corner for your secreetary, fax and copy machines, you can have

30 Cubes that can each rent out for $200 a month.

If all your cubes are rented out, this will give $6,000 in gross rental

revenues. If you can lease your space for around $0.75 per square foot, your

1,800 sqft space will cost you $1,350 a month.

Add to this the salary of the secretary, and your margin can still be at

around 50% of your gross rental revenue, or roughly $3000. In addition to

your rental revenues, you will also make money on copies, faxes and

secretarial functions.


The "office cube" concept can be applied to nearly any combination of size

and location and the extent of service you want to offer your tenants. In

this age of entrepreneurship, the one-person business is very common, so it

will not be difficult to find start-ups looking for an office situation like























































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