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Casual advertising is one of the most effective way to present your product

to the market, and by placing them as props in movies or TV shows, your

product is exposed to a wide audience based, and with some implied level

of endorsement.

When Clark Kent spooned Cheerios into his mouth in the movie Superman, it

was not because the director or the writers found it essential or

entertaining. It was the results of a negotiation made between the film's

producers and General Mills.

To be able to do this, it is customary, even essential, to hire a broker who

specializes in placing products in movies and TV shows.

For movies, brokers work out the detains of placing your product in a film

and guarantee that the product will be used in a very positive way.

For TV shows, the most common areas are game shows where your product can

be given away as a prize or mentioned as a prize sponsor.

(Dramatic or comedy TV shows, including series and soaps, refuse to take

"casuals" because of the conflict it may create with regular sponsors of

the show.)

COST: Movie casuals may cost around $25,000. Of course, the price varies,

depending on the stars of the film, the length of time it will be help up on

screen, and your products' identifyable role in the movie.

BROKERS: Associated Fil Promotions, 10100 Santa Monica Blvd.,

Los Angeles, CA 90067; Donald Degnan Co., 400 Madison Ave.,

New York, NY 10017.