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NO! It's not what you think. Although the title of this material may

appear quite gimmicky, it is really about one of the best information

products in the market.


Brandel Comm produces specialty computer software which other businesses

and entrepreneurs use for giveaways, premiums or value-added incentives.

You can purchase a Master Disk from Brandel for around $75 per title.

This price includes your rights to make copies of this disk for your

own distribution.



You can sell the disks outright for as much as $49 each, which is the usual

published retail price of a software title. However, a faster and easier

way of making money with the disks is simply to give them away!!!



Give away software disks - FOR FREE - but charge $10 for shipping, handling

and one-time registration.

To do this, simply print "Free Software" gift certificates which you can

distribute through schools, fund raisers, libraries, retail outlets, etc.

You can even get corporate sponsor(s) to pay for the printing and the

distribution of your gift certificates - in exchange for having their name

printed on the certificate as the company that's giving away the free

computer software disk.



A basic Master Disk Business Pak comes with one title of software and your

reproduction rights to make a maximum of 10,000 copies of the disk. However,

Brandel offers customization service in which your company's name and address

are "programmed" into the disk itself. When you order for a custom disk, you

will also receive UNLIMITED Reproduction Rights. You can produce as much as

100,000 copies of this disk and sell for $10 each.

Of course, you can sell the disk any way you want to, at any price you feel

comfortable with. You can give them away for $5 each, or sell them at full

retail price of $49 each. It's entirely up to you.



To receive a promotional Master Disk Business Pak, send $29 to Brandel Comm

at 1859 N. Pine Island Road, Suite 305 Plantation, FL 33322.

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