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Singing Telegram With A Twist

A stripping telegram is nothing more than a more mature, slightly

provocative version of the singing telegram. Other than sing, the talents

who deliver a stripping telegram dance and strip in front of their audience.

Some strips end while the "talent" still wears underwear. Other strips go

either tipless or totally nude - an issue more sensitive with female rather

than with male talents.

All told, a stripping telegram features a male or female modelwho dances

and strips while delivering the telegram message to the intended recipient.



The entrepreneur offering this service is usually known as an agent. The

business is generally referred to as an agency or delivery service.

It is common for the agent/entrepreneur to operate the business him or

herself, usually answering phone calls for bookings and from talents looking

for work. Agencies do not have full-time staff. If any, it would be limited

to a receptionist who takes care of the booking and scheduling of the




Talents work on commission basis only. They usually deal with two or more

agencies in the area, a practice that usually guarantee that they keep busy. The rate a talent is paid depend largely on the ex

tent of stripping their showcase entail.

Here is a sample rate chart showing what customers pay and how much the

talent makes. (A) is what the client will pay for the showcase, and (B)

is what you would pay the talent.

The difference would bwe your profit.


Undies $60 $30

Topless $90 $50

Nude $125 $75

In more affluent markets, the rates may be up to 50% more than

this average. Plus, on top of their share, talents also get tips,

usually 20% to 30% of the standard rates.



An agency's overhead expenses are usually confined to office rental,

telephone lines, and some form of advertising, the most common of which is

the Yellow Pages. With an average of 6 to 7 bookings a day, an agency can

earn $200 tp $300 a day.


Licensing may be expensive if not difficult. Consult your city zoning for

futher details pertaining to this type of business.























































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