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Moving People For Profit

The term "Reloctation Consultant" is an all-encompassing business that

involves everything that has to do with transferring people.

The task of a relocation consultant may include any or all of the

following activities and services that generally come with moving to a

new location:

+ Select a moving company.

+ Selling the old house .

+ Finding and buying a new home or renting a new apartment.

+ Suggesting schools, churches, etc.

+ Spouse job placement counseling

Of course you choose which services you want to include in your repertoire.

However, on a joint-effort with other professionals in your area, you can

really offer an extensive menu of services.

Relocation consultants do not own moving companies. They hire moving

companies for and on behalf of the client. As a relocation consultant,

you also deal with real estate agents, travel agencies, and career

consultants. You control the middle ground where all these services merge

to fulfill the needs of your client.



The most important issue in any relocation is where your client will

reside in their new city or state. Some clients buy a home in the new

city before they move. Others prefer to rent, giving themselves enough

time to become familiar with the area before buying a house.

Most relocation consultants receive their commission from the real estate

agent. However, if your client wants to rent, as opposed to immediately

buying a home, the company relocating your client will more than likely

pick up the tab, usually equal to one month's rent.

Some rental properties, however, will pay a relocation consultant a

commission equal to one month's rent.



You can do a real volume business by targeting large corporate accounts.

Companies in high-technology related products and services are the growth

markets in relocation.


Contracts for technical top-guns range 3 to 5 years, so you can expect

excellent turn over in the high-tech industry. Concentrating on a specific

industry gives you credibility and lots of referrals.